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2024 Bull Sale Feb 23, 2024


Rancier Farms is a fourth generation farming operation with the fifth generation becoming more involved every day.  Our operation consists of a black based cow herd consisting of black and red purebred and percentage Simmental cows and a grain operation located at Killam in central Alberta. 

Cow families are extremely important to us and we are highly selective, emphasizing structurally sound, great uddered, easy fleshing females with lots of volume.  Through an extensive embryo transplant program we have been able to put together a herd of closely related females with fresh genetics that consistently produce offspring that are widely accepted in both the purebred and commercial sectors of the beef industry.

Rancier Farms uses the show ring as a marketing tool; an opportunity to stay in contact with many commercial and purebred breeders, and to exhibit a small sample of what we have to offer at the farm. 

We are proud to be a part of the Maxwell/Rancier Bull Sale held early every spring in Camrose and we also market some elite females at select sales each fall.  Bulls, females, embryos and semen are also always available privately on the farm.